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  • Bumps and Bundles - Findlay Church

    Delivered by Findlay Church
    Note: this service is only for families who live in Maryhill

    Bumps and Bundles Toddler Group every Tuesday morning (term-time) from 10am -11:30am in the church halls

    • Children’s play
  • Little Explorers

    Delivered by Visibility Scotland
    Note: this service is only for children who live in Children with visual impairments

    Professional help, support and guidance for preschool. Finding out your child is sight impaired can be an overwhelming experience, and often you have many questions about your child’s future.

  • Woodcraft Groups

    Delivered by Woodcraft Folk

    Our weekly groups involve an exciting mix of games, craft, discussion, debate, music and drama. We also learn about local and global issues in ways that are fun and age appropriate. Please see website for various groups and locations around Glasgow.

  • Need some extra support?

    Are you browsing Glasgow Helps knowing that you need some support but not sure what or why? Sometimes it's hard to see the wood for the trees if you have a lot going on and you might need some help to figure it all out. Get support
  • Saturday Night Club

    Delivered by St. Paul's Youth Forum
    Note: this service is only for young people

    Come along and do what you want – it’s a chilled and relaxed atmosphere. This club is there to give young people something to do on a Saturday night. We are youth led, and so we change the activities available, depending on what is requested by the participants.

  • Thursday Night Club

    Delivered by St. Paul's Youth Forum
    Note: this service is only for young people

    The Thursday night club is a drop in club in which kids from Primary 7 to S4 can come and do what they like. They can play each other at pool, table tennis and Xbox. They can also come to relax and chill out with friends, or play on our computers.

    • Youth work