Young Movers (YoMo) - Mental Health and Wellbeing Sessions

Delivered by Young Movers (YoMo)
Note: this service is only for young people who live in North East or North West Glasgow
  • Talking therapies

The topics covered within the sessions are:

● An introduction to mental health awareness
● Emotional literacy
● Loneliness and isolation
● Sleep
● Resilience

The aims of the sessions are for young people to:

● Feel more comfortable discussing their own mental health and wellbeing
● Be introduced to a range of topics and how they all relate to mental health and wellbeing
● Equip young people with tools and techniques to be able to deal with their own mental health and wellbeing

The workshops are made up of a variety of different ways of learning. There is a mix of group and solo work including quizzes, discussions, some written activities and games. The sessions look to create a comfortable environment in which young people can explore and learn about what can impact their mental health and how they can become equipped to deal with these challenges.

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