Young Movers (Yo-Mo) - Walk & Talk

Delivered by Young Movers (YoMo)
Note: Our volunteers meet young people in an outdoor social space in their area for this service
Note: this service is only for young people who live in North Glasgow
  • Youth work
  • Talking therapies
  • Walking groups

The structure of Walk & Talk is different to most youth work provision. Volunteers meet with a young person in a social, outdoor space such as a park, or similar, in the young person’s local area and have a chance to talk with them.

Walk & Talk is not a counselling service, but is a chance for young people to meet with a volunteer/staff member and discuss how they are coping at the moment. It also allows for the young person to discuss anything they are struggling with.

As well as Walk & Talk being a space where young people can express how they are feeling/coping it is a chance for volunteers/staff to offer support and guidance to encourage the young people to progress towards their aspirations and goals.

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