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  • Environmental issues

2050 Climate Group’s Leaders Network is a supportive, collaborative community facilitating opportunities for our Young Leaders to connect and celebrate with each other as we work towards a just and sustainable society.

The network consists of those who have engaged in our projects, including graduates of our Young Leaders Development programme, 2050x Fund recipients, Climate Circle members, alongside 2050 Climate Group's past and present volunteers, trustees, and staff members.

Projects to get involved with include: 

2050X Fund - This fund supports youth-led climate action projects based in Scotland. Successful applicants receive a financial contribution, as well as support from the 2050 Climate Group. Financial support could be anywhere from £50 to £1,000 depending on the funding needed, and each application will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

Climate Circles are communities for collaboration. They are an online space for those working, researching or with an interest in a topic to meet, discuss, collaborate and share ideas. They are open to anyone aged 18-35 with a connection to Scotland, and are currently hosted on our Leaders Network Slack Workspace.

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