The Croft Community Garden - South Seeds

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  • Community gardening

South Seeds has developed a community garden called the Croft on the disused tennis court of the Queen’s Park Bowling and Tennis Club at Queen’s Park recreation ground.The Croft a former tennis court is a beautiful space sheltered by mature trees, where a number of activities happen.

Sometimes we hold keep fit or campfire sing-along sessions. Check our news section to see what is on.

Each year around February we advertise the opportunity to adopt-a- raised bed in the news section of this website. Residents express interest in growing fruit and vegetables at the Croft by filling out and sending off a form. Raised beds beds are allocated for a year. The following year the opportunity is put out again and a new set of residents look after raised beds at the Croft. Over the years, the number of residents with growing skills on the Southside of Glasgow has increased.

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