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Adoption UK’s Psychology and Therapy Hub (PATH) offers online trauma-informed therapeutic support for adoptive families. Delivered by psychologists, therapists and peer experts-by-experience, this gives PATH a unique blend of theoretical, clinical and peer support.

Services include assessments, packages of support and bespoke needs-led services. Our team draw from a range of approaches including psychological therapies, therapeutic parenting, non-violent resistance, DDP, therapeutic life story work, attachment and trauma-informed frameworks and sensory integration.

All our services are delivered online. This means that the Psychology and Therapy Hub (PATH) services can be accessed wherever you are and you don’t have the concern around arranging child care to cover not only meeting time but travel time. All you need is a reliable internet connection.

PATH services: 

PATHways progamme (previously known as TESSA)

PATHways is an intervention programme that helps adoptive parents achieve better outcomes for their children by giving them early access to a clinical psychologist and peer support. It is based on the understanding that a child’s relationship with his or her parents or carers is one of the main keys to their development, and is founded on the principle of helping families, not fixing children. The PATHways programme consists of three pillars: a parent consultation, regular peer support and a parent reflective group.

Early PATHways programme

Early PATHways is a specialist Psychology-led therapeutic intervention incorporating clinical expertise alongside significant support from peer support partners with lived experience. It has been designed to support families identified at placement or early into their placement as requiring additional therapeutic parenting support. The programme helps parents create an environment for adopted children to thrive by teaching and guiding families into creating conditions for healthy development and family wellbeing.

Assessment of Therapeutic Need

For families and professionals who may feel ‘stuck’ with how best to move forward to meeting the needs of the family, the Psychology and Therapy Hub (PATH) team can offer parents a psychological and trauma informed assessment alongside tailored therapeutic support.

Bespoke Individual Pathways

Delivered by a trained and experienced psychologist or psychotherapist, we would discuss the individual needs of the family with the referrer and agree an intervention based on our shared understanding and initial formulation.

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