Starter Packs

Delivered by Starter Packs
  • Crisis support and emergency food

Helping to empower people in building a new life with dignity, these packs ease the financial burden and pressure when moving into a new home. They also help alleviate poverty and the mental and physical ill health caused by it.

How to access this service

  • Anyone can contact us directly 01414401008
  • A referral form is required and can be completed online

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More services

  • Cranhill Development Trust

    Delivered by Cranhill Development Trust

    Cranhill Development Trust (CDT) is an integral part of its community in, responding successfully to the needs of Cranhill G33 area since 2002, we support around 1800 people annually.

    • Benefits advice
    • Performing arts
    • Digital skills
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    • Crisis support and emergency food
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  • Destitution Food Support and Fruit Barra

    Delivered by St.Rollox Community Outreach
    Note: this service is only for refugees or asylum seekers

    Come for food support and fresh fruits. Fruit Barra is on until 12:00PM.