Southside Housing Association

Delivered by Southside Housing Association
  • Benefits advice
  • Children’s play
  • Digital skills
  • Environmental issues
  • Crisis support and emergency food

Over the years we have developed and expanded the range of services we provide. Although our core mission has always been as a provider of safe, secure and affordable housing, the range of services we provide includes;

A variety of housing options & support

Money advice & support

Community events & activities

Repairs & maintenance

Concierge & common area maintenance

Handyperson, Home & Hospital

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More services

  • The Marie Trust

    Delivered by The Marie Trust
    Note: this service is only for people in crisis and people who are homeless who live in Glasgow City

    The Marie Trust provides a no referral, walk in access to immediate support for people experiencing homelessness, addiction, offending and mental health.

    • Benefits advice
    • Digital skills
    • Reuse and recycle
    • Addictions
    • Crisis support and emergency food
  • Parents For Future Scotland

    Delivered by Parents for Future Scotland

    A Scottish branch of the global network of Parents for Future groups who are urging change at individual, community and structural levels to protect our planet to secure a hopeful future for our children and all future generations.