SAY Women

Delivered by SAY Women
Note: this service is only for people who are homeless , survivors or victims of crime and women
  • Housing and homelessness
  • Addictions
  • Crisis support and emergency food

We have a range of specialised single sex support services for young women aged 16-25yrs who are survivors of childhood sexual abuse, rape and sexual assault that are at risk of homelessness.

Crisis Resource service – short term Intervention/resource building period (6-12 initial sessions linking to group access if appropriate) then young person goes onto waiting list until key worker is allocated.
Resource Service – Direct Referrals – Keywork emotional support.
Consultation service - for workers nd fmilies to get advice on how to support Survivors.
Accommodation Project – Direct referral for semi-supported accommodation. Young women can stay for 18month period in their own Scottish Short Secure Tenancy. Staffed 9.30-9pm Monday to Friday.
Resettlement – Resettlement starts in last 6months of Young woman’s term in the accommodation project and all young women have the option of continued support with the Resource team at Bell St.
Groupwork and Drop in available for existing/engaging SAY Women. External groupwork programs also available for external agencies
SUSS – Substance Use Support for Survivors – (short-term 20 sessions) support women with harm reduction, building alternative coping strategies and developing skills and resources.
Volunteering and Community Connections (short-term) – Part of our reconnection stage supporting existing Service users to develop health routines, access training, education and employment.
Tenancy Sustainment For Survivors (1short-term 15 sessions) – we work with a number of local Councils to help Young female survivors' tenants to help them prepare for and sustain their tenancies while identifying wrap-around support for their longer term support.
National Training - Information about our courses available via our website.

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