Rainbow Glasgaroos

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Note: this service is only for ethnic minorities , LGBTQ+ people and refugees or asylum seekers
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Rainbow Glasgaroos is a Glasgow-based LGBTQI+ Basketball club founded with the express aim of providing an opportunity to access a team-oriented sport in a safe and friendly environment to those who feel excluded by mainstream sport. This includes people with different sexual orientation, gender identity, race, ethnicity, religion, immigration status, socio-economic background, disability or age. the Rainbow Glasgaroos is a space for those marginalised in society to find a home in sport. When attending any Rainbow Glasgaroos session or communicating with other members, individuals should always be mindful of our values: Inclusiveness. Independently of any of the characteristics listed prior, but also skill level. Respect. For individuals within the club, and the people we interact with as Glasgaroos.
Supporting each other. Rainbow Glasgaroos should be an environment where people can feel free of judgement. No bullying and no harassment. Honesty. Not only in the way we play, but also the way we conduct ourselves when representing the club.
Fun. The reason we are here! But we must be mindful of how our actions affect other peoples fun. The club is non-competitive and mixed ability. This does not mean that we discourage members from trying their best during games, drills and exercises, to improve as a basketball player, or just improve their general fitness. Rather, that we draw the line at friendly competition and that we do not accept that the following are necessary to getting enjoyment from our sessions: trash talk and mocking comments/sound effects aggressive play cliquishness showboating/selfish play excluding less experienced teammates Rainbow Glasgaroos will not tolerate any behaviour that contravenes our values, or leaves other members feeling excluded.

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