Positive Action in Housing - Lifeline Destitution Service

Delivered by Positive Action in Housing
Note: this service is only for refugees or asylum seekers
  • Housing and homelessness
  • Human rights advice
  • Immigration advice
  • Crisis support and emergency food

The service consists of a highly proactive crisis intervention programme, including a proactive advice service to get people legal support, a community hosting service (Room for Refugees) to provide safe shelter and crisis funds for the destitute through our Emergency Relief Fund.

In Glasgow, the Lifeline Service plays a leading role in assisting those at risk of eviction or experiencing delays, housing or human rights concerns under Mears or Migrant Help, the agencies contracted by the Home Office to support and accommodate asylum seekers.

It provides advice, information and practical support to refused asylum seekers who are at risk of destitution and need assistance with identifying their options, Section 4 applications, finding legal support and accessing crisis suport and/or shelter.

The purpose of this advice is to assist people to avoid or survive destitution and seek legal resolution.

Volunteers also help vulnerable people to moves from hotels into dispersal accommodation.

How to access this service

More services

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    Delivered by The Marie Trust
    Note: this service is only for people in crisis and people who are homeless who live in Glasgow City

    The Marie Trust provides a no referral, walk in access to immediate support for people experiencing homelessness, addiction, offending and mental health.

    • Benefits advice
    • Digital skills
    • Reuse and recycle
    • Addictions
    • Crisis support and emergency food
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