Parenting Apart - Family Mediation West of Scotland

Delivered by Family Mediation West of Scotland
Note: this service is only for families
  • Family Support

During the sessions the mediators share information on practical ideas such as:

  • how to build a positive future for their children;
  • how to talk to children about separation/divorce;
  • increasing understanding of the effects of this life-changing event on both children and adults;
  • how to deal with a less than ideal situation by improving communication

We take care to ensure no ex partners attend the same group. The option for a shorter 2 hour one-to-one session is also available.

Sessions are free for parents who already use one of our other services or £50 for those not currently using our services. If a referral is received through the Court or a solicitor and Legal Aid is in place there is a £60 charge.

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