Outdoor Therapy

Delivered by Venture Trust
  • Mindfulness

Outdoor Therapy is delivered in urban outdoor and green spaces such as parks, community gardens, woodlands, beaches or local hills. It can help people gain perspective and reflect on past or current life events that are troubling. Metaphors offered by nature may develop into insight on feelings, relationships and experiences. 

How to access this service

  • Anyone can contact us directly

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  • Yoker Memory Cafe

    Delivered by Yoker Resource Centre
    Note: this service is only for carers , older people and people with disabilities who live in Yoker

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    • Mindfulness
  • Mindfulness Sessions

    Delivered by Cancer Support Scotland
    Note: this service is only for people who live in Those impacted by cancer.

    For those affected by cancer and their carers, Mindfulness can be a powerful tool in being able to support your wellbeing and provide you time to be fully present and engaged in the moment. It’s a helpful tool to support you in being aware of your thoughts and feelings without distraction of judgement.