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Note: this service is only for people with disabilities

Deaf Action lipreading courses are tailored for adults aged 16+ with any degree of hearing loss and who use spoken English to communicate with other people.  We have a range of in person and online classes available.

All our courses are taught by experienced teachers of lipreading for adults. Our tutors encourage people to have a laugh and relax can help you rebuild some of the confidence people may have lost through deafness.

Our lipreading courses can provide you with the opportunity for self-help, mutual support, and friendship with people who understand your problems. Specifically, you will learn:

· The different shapes that sounds make on the lips

· Which sounds look the same on the lips and how to use context and other clues to tell the difference

· Communication tactics that can support lipreading and encourage you to manage hearing loss more effectively e.g. how best to position yourself in a group conversation

· How to discuss problems and solutions to everyday situations such as having a meal in a restaurant or going to the doctor

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