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Kinder Handl Community Enterprise CIC has shown another year of wonderful social achievements. It has continued to enrich the lives of others with whole community inclusion offering engaging activities or quiet family time. Between the two hubs, we have enjoyed how diverse and special our local communities are, and as such work with them to provide what is essential and appealing.

These facilities are offered on a free basis to enable anyone who may feel isolated or lonely to be part of their local community. Our ability to provide services and employment is granted through the ongoing donations provided by community members. The donations are recycled and if not used donated onwards to other organisations including charities, schools, volunteering groups, health professionals and social work. This enables a reduction in landfill and the opportunity to buy low cost yet high-quality second-hand goods.

Whole community inclusion is the key to our continuation. Through all ages we enjoy the company of babies and young children at our children’s store as they learn through free play, all the way up to our more senior friends who participate in general socialising, free refreshments, and quiet reading at the adult’s/homeware store. We have introduced a community piano which has been hugely appreciated and anyone who feels like playing can sit and show their talents. Individuals with ASC, ADHD, frequently use this resource which helps calm and lesson anxiety.

There are several areas within the children’s shop for educational purposes. A reading area, playroom, and creativity space. We can now proudly say that we have a sensory room (funded by the National Lottery) which has held classes and also private relaxation therapy for additional needs children and is open for use to anyone who may benefit from a sensory environment.

We engage with families to support and encourage the benefits of play and recycling. This is a free resource offered 6 days a week, which in turn enables families and carers many opportunities to join in. The facility also provides free school uniform and nappies throughout the year and if a family is in need, we can provide the essentials without question. We often provide free resources to educational establishments to encourage a partnership in learning.

We take immense pride in engaging with Glasgow Social Work, Families First, health visitors, charities, Turning Point Scotland, Money Matters, community groups and schools/nurseries. They can (in partnership with us), offer confidential advice and close contact with the needs of struggling families and provide free resources such as toys, clothing, and furniture.

The sale of donations awards the opportunity of employing staff who live with mental health struggles and physical disabilities. We offer every opportunity to mentor and provide the living wage salaries to those who may find it hard to work within an alternative workplace. Individuals often thrive in a warm inclusive community space. Training and ongoing support is offered, and any additional needs are accommodated to allow these individuals equality and a chance to earn dignity and respect. It gives them a sense of purpose and drive, often excelling in their own expectations.

We are now working in partnership with the Glasgow Guarantee scheme which enables us to employ a full time member of our team for a minimum for 2 years, part funded. The expectation is to develop the skillset of this young individual and continue their employment with us for the foreseeable future.

We have been able to accommodate several students with their Duke of Edinburgh awards and offer many volunteering positions to Glasgow Clyde college. We have taken part in upholstery projects, drama workshops and mentoring additional need students. The individual normally fulfils their roles in many ways with a vast range of duties on offer. This increases their confidence and desirability for work in the future.

Our community outreach projects are increasing and we have worked on helping a local heritage fund meet their target for publishing information on the second edition of the Guide to the battle of Langside, keeping our history alive.

Most recently we helped with providing donations to a local care home to address loneliness and provide resources that would improve the residents environment.

We would love for you to come and enjoy what is available. The kettle is always on!

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