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Note: this service is only for young people
  • Employability skills

Our courses use a  person centred, non-traditional and non-classroom approach which has been proven to engage young people. Alongside our main employability projects, we also offer a range of short courses which include:

  • Confidence Building
  • Public Speaking
  • Selling Yourself
  • Communication Skills

Our main employability projects are as follows:

  • Make It Your Own: For ages 16-26, this course helps you gain creative, practical and life skills to help sustain your tenancy.
  • Cashback Summer: For ages 14-19 and either living in an area of deprivation; at risk of disengaging from school; at risk of engaging in anti-social behaviour; living with a disability/mental health condition or not in employment/education/training (if over 16), this course provides an opportunity to make friends, learn new skills and improve physical and mental health through exploring creativity.
  • Creative Pathways: For ages 16-25, this is a 12 week employability programme which explores a number of creative techniques and supports those involved with gaining confidence as well as awarding them with an SQA Employability Award and helping them develop the "meta" and "soft" skills that both employers and colleges look for.

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    • Employability skills
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