Art Therapy - Impact Arts

Delivered by Impact Arts
Note: this service is only for children
  • Complementary therapies

Sessions work on the basis that it can be easier to address difficult emotions through art than talking about them directly. In sessions, art therapists offer support and help children get a better understanding of their worries and concerns. There are three types of art therapy on offer:

  1. One-to-One Art Therapy: Working with an individual in a confidential setting over a number of sessions to explore how you're feeling and what might be troubling you.
  2. Family Approach: These sessions involve a child and their parent/carer with a focus on strengthening their relationship through mutual understanding, allowing both to process their own emotions and develop positive coping skills and for parents/carers to better understand their child's social and emotional needs.
  3. Therapeutic Group Work: Ideal for children who are experiencing difficulties at school or home. Small groups experiencing similar issues are supported to build confidence, overcome social difficulties and learn strategies for regulating behaviours through a series of art therapy sessions.

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