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The Lending Library

Spend some time browsing our bookshelves and you’ll be amazed by what you find.

We are home to ‘hard to find anywhere else’ books by, for and about women.

From pioneering artists, explorers and political activists to fiction and poetry from Scotland and all around the world, our lending library will have something to spark your curiosity.

The Archive Collection

The Archive collection is broadly comprised of three elements: Archives donated to GWL, the Lesbian Archive (formerly the LAIC), and GWL’s own archives.

GWL collects the papers and records of organisations and individuals that represent the achievements and activities connected to women and women’s issues.

The Museum Collection

Our collection of museum artefacts and archives, champions, celebrates and teaches us about how women have shaped lives, families, communities and the country. The objects, all donated, exemplify the lives of women, charting their historical and contemporary achievements and contributions.

The archive and museum collections store is accessible by appointment only and 3 weeks notice is required.

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