Glasgow Women's Library - Adult Literacy & Numeracy

Delivered by Glasgow Women's Library
Note: this service is only for women
  • Reading, writing, numbers support

We support women to understand, read and write words and numbers.

Women sometimes want support with all areas of literacy and numeracy. Others need help with just one aspect, for example writing job application forms, being more confident about studying or writing their own diary.

You can get support in a group or one-to-one with a tutor, or both! It is up to you.

Please contact the ALN Development Worker, Donna Moore, who will arrange to meet with you to have a chat about what you need.

Women usually met with their tutor once a week. This can continue for as long as you feel you need support.

Service availability

Current opening hours are below.

10am to 4.30pm
10am to 4.30pm
10am to 7pm
10am to 4.30pm
12pm to 4pm

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