Geeza Break - Respite

Delivered by Geeza Break
Note: this service is only for families
  • Complementary therapies

Respite Sitting provides positive, fun experiences empowering children to lead healthier lives as well as developing their educational and cultural interests. For example, local parks and museums. Respite Sitting also means that the children develop social interaction and communication skills. Respite Sitting can either be outdoor (in the local community) or in the family home, depending on what the family want.

Overnight Care: Children are cared for at the respite carers homes sometimes for a few hours but mostly overnight. This service allows children to share in a positive family experience. Respite is provided on a planned basis but there are occasions when emergency respite is requested by social work. Parents are expected to take their children to respite and collect them again but where possible carers will collect the children and take them home.

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