Friends of the River Kelvin

Delivered by Friends of the River Kelvin
  • Environmental issues

Alongside our members we protect the River Kelvin through:

  • volunteer activities, advocacy and lobbying
  • Promoting and facilitating access for local residents and communities to the natural environment
  • Helping local communities develop greater knowledge, understanding and care for the local natural environment
  • Protecting and enhancing natural habitats for the benefit of wildlife and local communities

Ways we do this include a number of regular activities and events, including our monthly river clean up.

We have 3 types of memberships for those interested in getting involved who live, work or study in Glasgow City, East Dunbartonshire or North Lanarkshire local authorities:

  1. Ordinary Membership: Individuals or representatives of a group/organisation aged 16+. This membership costs £15/year
  2. Junior Membership: For individuals aged 12-15 (They are not eligible to serve as a Trustee). This membership costs £10/year
  3. Family Memberships: For 1 or 2 individuals aged 16+ with one or more children aged up to 15. This membership costs £25.year

We also have an Associate membership for those aged 16+ outside of these areas which costs £10/year.

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