Foster, Supported & Respite Carers - Stepdown

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Note: Service is provided in the homes of the carers
Note: this service is only for children and young people

Our Foster Carers offer placements for young people aged 6-18 in a supportive family setting. The young people will receive intensive support from the foster carer, supervising social worker and any other professional services needed.

Our Supported Carers provide a supportive family setting for young people aged 16-25 that they can live in on a full time basis. They will be given support to develop a range of skills to help them move towards independence and in some cases supported to become involved with the community. Young women who are pregnant or have a baby will be supported in developing their parenting skills.

Our Respite Carers offer short break placements in their own homes for young people aged 6-25 and can include family outings. Respite breaks are for a minimum of one night and can be available on a regular basis depending on the needs of the young person.

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