Shopping Delivery - Food Train

Delivered by Food Train
Note: Our premises are not open to the public. We deliver directly to people’s homes.
Note: this service is only for older people
  • Meal deliveries

Food Train’s shopping delivery service ensures that you have access to fresh and affordable groceries, delivered direct to your home on a weekly basis, or less often if that suits you. Our volunteers can unpack and put shopping items away where needed.

Anyone over the age of 65 who has difficulty getting their grocery shopping can use the service. It costs £5 per delivery, which is paid alongside the cost of your shopping. There is a £1 annual membership to pay, which also allows you access to other Food Train services, if they are available in your local area (please note, charges apply for each Food Train service provided).

We hope our service will help you enjoy fresh food and a well-balanced diet and help you remain in the comfort of your own home in your community without the worry or carrying heavy shopping.

How to access this service

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