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Note: this service is only for families
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Counselling for Parents

Relationship counselling for parents focuses on ways to help improve the important relationships in your life, particularly with your partner and children. Aside from the practical challenges, parenthood presents the potential for damage to our closest relationship – the one with our partner. Counselling for parents focuses on helping you better understand your relationship

Counselling for Families

Family counselling provides a safe space for family members to work through issues that are causing distress or conflict. A trained counsellor will help facilitate communication and understanding between family members and work towards finding solutions that are beneficial for everyone. Family counselling can address a wide range of issues including relationship problems, communication breakdowns

PLEASE NOTE: we are currently only able to offer a limited form of family counselling with two family members. Please contact us to discuss your situation as family counselling is not always the most appropriate or only type of counselling for issues that occur in families.

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