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Note: this service is only for people who live in South area of Glasgow
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  • Maintenance and DIY

Energy Advice, Home Energy Audits and Handyman Service to install energy saving measures

South Seeds supports residents to make energy efficiency improvements to their homes, so they can save money and stay warm. Some residents like to have a go themselves, but for those who want more support or even someone to get on and do the job, just ask for South Seeds energy saving handyman service.

Our experienced handymen can install energy saving measures such as draught proofing, chimney balloons to help keep the heat in, or pulleys to dry clothes quickly. In particular, our handymen have solutions which suit tenement flats or houses of Victorian proportions with wooden windows and open fireplaces.

To access the handyman service, we recommend an energy audit first. Our energy officer can work out where most energy is used in your home, examine your energy bills and identify any energy saving measures which will make your home warmer and more efficient. If you prefer, our energy officer will explain how you can install measures yourself and give you the relevant factsheets. However if you would just like the job done, try our handyman service.

Our energy officers solve a diverse range of domestic energy issues, helping residents to control their energy use better in the long term.

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