Don't Worry Be Happy - Deafblind Scotland

Delivered by Deafblind Scotland
Note: Our premises are not open to the public.
Note: this service is only for ethnic minorities , older people and people with disabilities who live in Greater Glasgow
  • Complementary therapies

Don't Worry Be Happy will provide accessible phone/home-based one-to-one sessions including mental health brief interventions, advice and support. The project will proactively reach out to and prioritise members affected by the cost-of-living crisis and members from the Asian community. G/Cs are SSSC registered support workers with specialist communication skills. They ensure information is accessible to deafblind people in their preferred communication methods. Participants will be provided with evidence-based self-care resources - good mood food recipe cards, accessible/safe physical health exercise instruction sheets, good sleep guides and mindfulness/relaxation CDs. Resources will be available in bespoke accessible formats (Braille/moon/audio CDs).

How to access this service

  • Anyone can contact us directly
  • A referral form is required and can be sent by email or post

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