Counselling - The Marie Trust

Delivered by The Marie Trust
Note: this service is only for people who are homeless
  • Counselling

Counsellors provide weekly sessions of 50 minutes with clients, ensuring a consistent, client-focused service. Clients work with the same counsellor throughout the time they utilise the service. To help clients feel safe and comfortable, we deliver counselling services at various locations in Glasgow, including homeless accommodations.

More services

  • Alcohol Counselling - Glasgow Council on Alcohol

    Delivered by Glasgow Council on Alcohol

    Individual, free and confidential counselling for anyone experiencing alcohol-related difficulties and those affected by someone else's alcohol issue.

    • Addictions
    • Counselling
  • Kooth

    Delivered by Kooth
    Note: this service is only for young people

    Providing a variety of free, safe and anonymous ways for young people to access mental health support as well as contribute to helping other young people.