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Since 1991 the Bat Conservation Trust has run a diverse range of projects to conserve bat populations. r.

Our objectives

  1. Discover: To ensure scientific evidence is in place to support bat conservation
  2. Act: To secure and enhance bat populations and their resilience in a changing world
  3. Inspire: To win the levels of support required to secure and enhance bat populations
  4. Strengthen: BCT to achieve financial stability and sustainable staff workloads. Staff and volunteers are motivated and well led.

To make this possible we rely on you, so get involved become a member, donate or volunteer for bats.

National Bat Helpline -Ā 0345 1300 228

The National Bat Helpline are a small team devoted to 'helping people, helping bats'. We are here to help if you have found a bat in need of rescue, need advice about works or pest control, are experiencing issues at a property with a bat roost, or are concerned about a bat crime.

As a very busy team, we can only respond to questions that are not already answered on the website, so please check our advice pages before contacting us. Please note, our support for your questions and concerns about local planning applications, developments or events can all be found in our online advice pack.

You can call us on 0345 1300 228 during our open hours, or if your question is not answered on the website, you can email us your query.

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