Arkbound Foundation

Delivered by Arkbound Foundation
  • Culture and heritage
  • Reading, writing, numbers support
  • Environmental issues
  • Supporting people, organisations and communities to publish works in a variety of formats (digital, print, audio)
  • Providing coverage on important environmental and social themes from a 'lived experience' perspective
  • Running workshops, in journalism and creative writing, with and alongside communities experiencing social exclusion
  • Providing paid work placements for those from disadvantaged backgrounds
  • 1-1 mentoring programme that pairs up aspiring writers from disadvantaged backgrounds with experienced authors, publishers and literary agents
  • Dedicated community hub space in Govanhill, with events, sustainably sourced local produce, informal gatherings and signposting to other opportunities

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More services

  • Wellbeing Cultural Club

    Delivered by Together Reaching Higher CIC
    Note: this service is only for ethnic minorities , families and refugees or asylum seekers

    The club will offer activities to enhance mental wellbeing, cultural exchange, and community integration for over 16s individuals in North East Glasgow.

    • Culture and heritage
    • Meditation
    • Crafting
  • Craft Cafe Govan - Impact Arts

    Delivered by Impact Arts
    Note: this service is only for older people who live in Govan and the southside

    Craft Cafe is a place to be creative, make friends and stay connected with everything happened in Govan. People aged 60+ can attend and the service runs on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, from 10am-4pm.

    Participants can enjoy creative arts sessions and wellbeing activities, facilitated by highly skilled tutors.

    You don't need any experience in being artistic or creative to attend.