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Note: this service is only for offenders or ex-offenders

Apex Scotland has continued to develop a variety of high quality services across Scotland ranging from national programmes to more localised expertise. We work in partnership across the country with a range of funders, statutory bodies and third sector organisations to ensure that each individual who works with our staff receives a service that is personal and valuable, ultimately progressing them towards a positive future.

Apex Scotland has a number of offices across the country. These offices are very much part of the community, working with local partners to ensure that our service users have the best provision in their area. Whilst we offer services and training that is available in almost every locality, the specialisms of each unit, tailored to the needs of the local community, is what sets Apex apart.

Our staff and service users regularly volunteer on a variety of different projects in their community, they learn new skills, take part in accredited training, they win awards, participate in courses which are innovative and creative, increase their confidence and support each other through peer mentoring, all of which you can learn about on the local pages and newsletters.

Please contact your local office, or our head office, to find out more.

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