Animalia Nurtures

Delivered by Animalia CIC
Note: Our premises are not open to the public.
Note: this service is only for young people
  • Athletics
  • Fitness

Through Animalia CIC we use our position, influence and profits to help disengaged young people reconnect with themselves and their lives, to become a more active part of their communities. By focusing on physical activity, mental resilience and building connection with yourself and the community around you, Animalia shows young people what is already within them – strength to be their own person, passion for life and the ability to achieve whatever they want in life.

Through the Animalia Nurtures program in Govan, we aim to work with young athletes from challenging backgrounds by:

  • Providing affordable sports equipment & gym residence

  • Support them to lead events and training sessions for people in local communities

  • Free social media expertise and support

  • Developing sponsorship opportunities and wider relationships with sports bodies

  • Reducing socio-economic barriers to a career in sports

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