Amma Birth Companions - Peer Support

Delivered by Amma Birth Companions
Note: this service is only for ethnic minorities , refugees or asylum seekers and women
  • Community gardening
  • Fitness

Our peer support programme includes:

  • Parent & baby drop-in sessions (every Wednesday, 11:00 am-3:00 pm)
    Our drop-in parent and baby group provides participants with a safe and inclusive space to meet and build strong, supportive networks with other parents.

  • Monthly workshops
    The focus of our monthly workshops are determined by Amma Family participants. Subject matter experts are invited to teach everything from infant first aid to baby massage and more.

  • Social outings
    Group outings take place in family-friendly settings in and around Glasgow. This helps to foster connections amongst participants and creates opportunities for parents to explore Glasgow and the surrounding areas.

  • Wellbeing activities
    We run weekly activities focused on improving physical and mental wellbeing, including pre and postnatal yoga, postnatal fitness classes, and a gardening group.

All are free of charge.

Service availability

Individual activity times vary

9am to 5pm
9am to 5pm
9am to 5pm
9am to 5pm
9am to 5pm

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