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Developing people through circus is what we do best. 

We start where you are now and build from there. This is something anyone can do, regardless of age, body type, experience or other factors. Circus is for everybody, and we find that along with learning circus skills, people learn a lot about themselves too.

Check out each of the sections below for more details. 

Circus Fitness - We’ve had people of all shapes, sizes and ages gaining benefits from these classes. The training will scale your fitness and skill level as you experience many different kinds of circus apparatus and techniques. This is a great first step if you fancy finding out what circus arts are about – find out where your talents lie!

Weekend workshops - We run a wide variety of workshops on Saturdays throughout the year.

Rigging Training - This includes online training or a 5-day Rigging for Circus Arts Course. 

Aerial & acrobatic arts - These classes are for adults and students aged 13+ who wish to specialise in a specific discipline.

Youth circus - Youth Circus is for anyone under 18 (under-3s get to bring a participating adult). Classes cover a multitude of circus disciplines to give you a broad range of skills and allow you to discover where your talents lie.

Circus cinematography - Our in-house filmmaker and media content creator can collaborate with you to produce stunning footage either for professional showreels or live streams, or for your own personal use on social media.

Intensive Training - If you want to train more intensively we have some great programmes for you:

  • Targetted Training
  • Circus Holidays
  • Foundation Course in Circus Art

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