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We have two key strands of work:

1) Tackling funeral poverty and poverty of ceremony

Ceremony matters in our society. It’s part of what it is to be human to invite others to witness key life milestones… a birth, marriage, death. We help craft meaningful ceremonies that feel right. We will cover the costs of a celebrant to lead a ceremony for people in need. We are authorised to conduct legal weddings. We train people to lead their own and others' ceremonies. This builds resilience, skills and capacity in our communities - the way it was before weddings and funerals became an ‘industry’. And it helps people find a new route to planning a funeral or wedding that can save thousands of pounds and create a much richer ritual at the same time. We support people to train who represent society’s minority communities to give them voice.

2) Promoting creative ageing

We promote positive attitudes to living, ageing and dying; all part of the natural cycle of life. We host and support events to encourage open conversations about life and death decisions. We model positive images of women, LGBTQ+ people and promote creative ageing. We are currently leading a film/archive project to capture a unique, untold aspect of Scotland’s women’s ‘herstory’ - the 30 year story of the women’s samba movement and the thousands of women who've been transformed by it.

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