With Kids

At With Kids we believe in improving the mental health and emotional well-being of children so that each and every child can flourish. When we get this right, children have more opportunities to thrive – in school, in their families, in friendships, in their activities and in their futures. All of our work is rooted in relationships, strengths-based and is child centred. We recognise that all families, regardless of background, can experience difficulties and we aim to provide a safe space to support children and their parents/carers through difficult times – and make sure every child gets what they need for healthy development.

Services this organisation delivers

  • Note: this service is only for children

    Our ambition is to embed proactive and early intervention children’s mental health support within the local community, making it widely available and accessible to children and families in need, with the simple, but pressing aim of ensuring that vital support is available at the right time, and in the right place.

    • Children’s play
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