Royston Youth Action

Royston Youth Action is passionate about helping people to realise the innate potential that exists within them. We are firm in the belief that this is an educational process based on dialogue and relationships. All too often society undervalue this generic relationship based approach.

Services this organisation delivers

  • Note: this service is only for children

    Come to our wee crafting club! Enjoy exploring creativity, crafts, and friends.

  • Note: this service is only for children

    Children have the opportunity to play indoor and outdoor activities, teambuilding and workshops teaching them all about friendships, social skills and enjoy playing together making use of our Wii and Play Station consoles.

  • Note: this service is only for children

    The After School club take part in indoor and outdoor activities, team-building and workshops, cooking and baking and have the occasional trip. There is a yearly residential trip offered to the children who come to the club which involves two days away taking part in outdoor games and activities.

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