We support adults and children with a physical or learning disability, and families facing poverty, family breakdown and disadvantage. We provide guidance for young people with social emotional or behavioural difficulties or who are homeless, and help them work towards a brighter future. We offer advice and a friendly ear to carers of all ages, and through The William Quarrier Scottish Epilepsy Centre and fieldwork services, we help to transform lives for people affected by epilepsy.

Services this organisation delivers

  • Note: this service is only for families and women

    Providing support for women and their families who are experiencing poor mental health during pregnancy and up to three years postnatally.

    • Complementary therapies
    • Counselling
    • Talking therapies
  • Note: this service is only for carers and families who live in G1,G2, G3,G4,G11,G12, G21 (part – check with centre), G22 and G23

    The aim of the Carers Centre is to provide unpaid carers in North West areas of Glasgow with practical help and emotional support.

    • Benefits advice
    • Mindfulness
  • Note: this service is only for children and families

    Offering a range of support options to help families overcome their difficulties and achieve a more balanced family life.

    • Children’s play
    • Day care
    • Counselling
    • Talking therapies
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