Pavillion Youth Cafe

Pavillion Youth Café is a charity youth organisation based in Easterhouse, Glasgow. Here at The Pavillion we aim to provide a safe and welcoming environment for all the children and young people in the local area. We work closely with our young people to develop a fun and engaging program of activities. From arts and crafts and cooking to issue based workshops and sports activities there’s something for everyone.

Services this organisation delivers

  • Job Club

    Note: this service is only for unemployed people

    Our advice and support is tailored to individual requirements and needs to ensure they get the most out of the service we offer.

  • Senior Club

    Note: this service is only for young people

    The Senior club is for young people from S1-18.

  • Junior Club

    The Junior club at Pavillion is intended for those between Primary four and Primary seven.

  • Minis Club

    Note: this service is only for children

    After school club three times a week for those in P1-P3.

    • Children’s play
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