Move On

Our services offer everyone an equal chance to gain experience, skills and confidence, achieve personal goals and reach a brighter future. For one person that could be building the self-confidence to use public transport alone, for someone else it could be earning the qualifications they need to secure their first job.

Services this organisation delivers

  • Note: this service is only for unemployed people

    We offer a range of employability courses in Glasgow and Edinburgh.

    Move On believe that people should be offered support, encouragement and guidance to progress towards employment. We appreciate that this can be a slow and complex process which is different for every individual.

    • Employability skills
  • Move On’s literary and numeracy service helps people feel more confident in their reading, writing, spelling, number work, IT skills and oral communication.

    • Reading, writing, numbers support
  • Befriending

    Note: this service is only for young people

    We match volunteer befrienders with young people aged 16-25 who are making the transition from living in supported accommodation to managing their own tenancy and living independently.

    • Befriending
  • Mentoring

    The young person chooses their own goal and goals are as varied as young people themselves! The goal could be learning to play guitar, taking an art class, or going to the gym.

    Mentors and young people meet once a week for 2-3 hours to take part in their chosen activity together.

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