Glasgow Pregnancy Choices

We are trained listeners who are totally committed to supporting women and men who are experiencing, or have experienced, an unintended pregnancy. We are aware that it is helpful to have someone who is interested and compassionate, listening to you during your time of uncertainty. Our main role is listening and allowing you to talk through your issues without fear of judgment or conflict.

Services this organisation delivers

  • This support is extended to all those affected by an abortion. Partners, parents, grandparents and others also need a chance to speak unhindered about their feelings.

    • Talking therapies
  • Losing a baby is a tragic experience to go through. Being told that ‘miscarriage is a common occurrence’ and ‘you can always try again’, doesn’t help to ease the pain.

    • Talking therapies
  • What you don’t need is to feel pressured or rushed into a decision. For most people, talking it over with someone during this initial stage helps tremendously. You will want someone to listen to you without trying to persuade you to ‘do the right thing’.

    • Talking therapies
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