Glasgow Eco Trust

Glasgow Eco Trust is a local environmental charity and social enterprise based in west Glasgow that coordinates and delivers a range of environmental activities and services.

Services this organisation delivers

  • Glasgow Eco Trust Health Walks for adults as part of our Active Travel programme. The walks are open to anyone over 16 but aimed at people who are looking to improve their healthy activity and want to explore the local area.

    • Befriending
    • Fitness
  • De'ils on Wheels is our community bike workshop dealing with all things bikes including donations, repairs, servicing, parts and bike sales.

    • Maintenance and DIY
  • Learn to Cycle

    Glasgow Eco Trust learn to cycle sessions are for people new to cycling or returning after a long absence. They provide a 1-on-1 learning experience for anyone aged 12 years and above. They are part of our active travel programme.

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