Deafblind Scotland

Deafblind Scotland (DbS) is an award-winning national charity, and for 30+ years, Scotland’s principal authority on meeting the complex needs of individuals with acquired deafblindness. We aim to raise aspirations/expand the lives of Deafblind people, some of the least visible and most isolated members of society. Our support/services includes: communication access advice; information/formatting services; welfare rights support; accredited training; health, wellbeing and skills development programmes; and a specialist guide/communicator service. DbS membership can be the crucial factor in determining whether a deafblind person is able to maintain an independent lifestyle.

Services this organisation delivers

  • Note: this service is only for ethnic minorities , older people and people with disabilities who live in Greater Glasgow

    Don't Worry Be Happy will address the mental health/wellbeing inequalities experienced by deafblind people. It offers deafblind people an equitable approach to improving their mental health through accessible phone/home-based one-to-one sessions - mental health brief interventions, advice/support.