Canine Concern Scotland Trust

Canine Concern Scotland Trust was formed in 1988 to help dogs and their owners, and to improve their position in present-day society. Its aims are to:

  • Provide an educational service to promote responsible dog ownership in Scotland by visiting schools to reach dog owners of the future, or to give talks, supply useful literature and advice to any interested Community Groups.
  • Establish and manage a service to be known as "Therapet".
  • Further the role and care of dogs in Scotland, either directly or in co-operation with Government, Local Authorities and other organisations in Scotland, whether charitable or not.
  • Promote research into the therapeutic value of dogs to patients or others isolated from normal association with pets.

Services this organisation delivers

  • Canine Concern Scotland Trust help dogs and their owners, and offer a Therapet visiting Service

    • Animal welfare
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